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Diets sound like die and workouts sound like work. Is there really a way to burn fat without exercise? There is. If you feel like you’ve been on every diet and nothing seems to work, don’t give up. Click here to learn more about your body’s natural ability to burn fat and the truth about how to eat real food… for life. 

Over 40? Overweight? Overwhelmed? Learn some of the most basic changes you can make now to simplify your ability to lose weight. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge so it’s time to get real and quit making excuses. Life isn’t meant to last forever. When are you ready to really start living?

Keto Club for Women will educate, inspire and encourage you, and greatly increase your chance of success with a ketogenic lifestyle. Learn more about Keto Club where you will find a positive and supportive group of women who are facing the same challenges and who are ready to celebrate success!

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Tired of feeling tired, hungry and grumpy when you go on a diet? Tired of being on a diet? Ready to tap into your body’s natural ability to burn fat? Are you ready to get started but confused by all the information? Have you been keto for awhile but your progress has stalled and you can’t get the support to know what to do next or the encouragement to keep going? It’s time to stop dieting and spending thousands of dollars in a billion dollar weight loss industry that is designed to keep you fat. Keto Club for Women is designed to educate, inspire and encourage you on the path to weight loss and great health! 

One on One Coaching

It has been proven that people are 7 times more successful at reaching their goals when they are held accountable. The truth is you are 6 inches from being successful…. the 6 inches between your years. The fact is I can give you every tool you need to start and be successful with a ketogenic lifestyle… and I do. The problem is, people don’t all learn at the same pace and we shouldn’t be made to feel bad about it. The truth is, weight loss is more than just knowing what to put in our mouth.

 Jami is a certified Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and certified life coach, she has found a personal and relatable approach to teach you the easy-peasy tools you can use to trick your brain to make the weight loss journey simple and effective. The fact is if you don’t change something… it will always be a battle. You are one decision away from improving the quality of our life and well being? When is it your turn?

"I never would've lost any weight without your guidance and support. I'm halfway to my goal. You are such a sweet lady and I really enjoyed all your videos you have the ability to reach people, and I believe that is your gift. I love what you do and you always encourage and remind me why I do this. I was so unhappy being fat. And now I feel 20 years younger and the lymphedema in my arm has gone down alot. Soo much to be grateful for to you and to God."

Kelly W.
United Kingdom

"Keto has drastically improved my athletic performance and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been lifting weights for about the past 5 years and have tried every “athletic performance diet” under the sun. With keto, never have I felt stronger, had more energy or lifted more weight. I look forward to going to the gym because it always seems like I can lift more each time I go. I’m the leanest and most toned I’ve ever been in my life. Jami is an incredible coach that has a never-ending knowledge of keto. She always knows how to get you out of a plateau and you can always count on her for motivation and encouragement. Jami has changed what being “athletic” means to me and I’m forever grateful to her."

Brianna A.
Roseville, CA

"I’m 82 years old, I was overweight, lethargic and on medication for high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes. Since January when I started working with Jami, I’ve lost 30 pounds, I know longer have high blood pressure and all my blood sugar tests are normal so I’m off all my medication. And I’m down two sizes! Thanks to Jami I have a good reason to enjoy life and I look forward to shopping."

Carol S.
Rancho Cordova, CA

"I am an RN and I resisted Jami for 2 years after she shared a keto diet with me. The pain in my hands were getting worse. I knew I needed to make a change. I entered into keto a bit skeptical. The first week I noticed my vertigo was gone! Skeptical still, I ate a bunch of carbs one evening. My vertigo returned the next morning and plagued me for another 48 hours. I am two weeks in now and noticed my gas had disappeared and hand pain is slowly resolving. I’ve been able to open pickle jars all by myself! One day when I woke up with significant hand pain., I contacted Jami and sent her a picture of what I had eaten differently. She showed me all the inflammatory ingredients I had eaten the night before. I was stunned...there was a direct relationship of cause and effect. I started with skepticism, ending with belief. Thank you Jami!"

Tami C.
Orting, WA

"I met Jami shortly after Christmas 2016 when I was feeling like crap, overweight, lethargic and generally unhappy withmy health. As I was approaching my 50th birthday, I was motivated to make a change. Jami introduced me to Keto and helped me learn how to create a sustainable, healthy way of eating. Surprisingly, it was easier than I had expected. After only a few weeks, I had already lost weight but more importantly, I was sleeping 8 hours a night which I hadn't experienced since my teenage years. Jami had me on an exercise plan as well which I think expedited my weight loss. After only 10 weeks I had lost 20 lbs. I've maintained this diet and it is now a way of life for me. I've maintained my weight and feel healthy. I'm grateful to have found Jami and that she has dedicated herself to helping others get healthy."

Jill T.
San Ramon, CA

"Jami!!! I just have to tell you that I am so blown away at how well keto works and makes me feel. One thing that you said in your video was focus on how you feel not how you look. That really hit home for me, in fact I even have a Post-it note on my computer stating that!! Thank you for doing what you do… And for putting me in this group and for motivating me and everyone else. You are awesome!"

Tracy H.
Rocklin, CA

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